(This is not an income based program everyone qualifies.)

Must be homeowner to qualify.

Are you Vectren or DPL customer?

Is your home older than 1990?

If your answer is YES to these 3 questions then you 100% qualify.

Vectren & DP&L have special funds available for you for home energy savings. The only catch is they want to make sure you are actually going to save on your energy cost. Vectren will actually give you $1550 dollars towards adding insulation to your home. DP&L will give you $650 towards insulation. Here are the 3 easy steps to get your money.

1) Register for a 100% Free Energy Audit. This audit will include infrared camera scan on walls & attic. This will establish if you are loosing more energy than you should.

2) Get your qualification letter for the auditor. Once the Free Energy Audit is complete one of our licensed energy auditor will give you a qualification letter and letting you know how much you get. If your home is older than 1990 most likely you will get the entire $1550 from Vectren.

3) Pick a license contractor or use the Free Energy Audit as a roadmap to insulate it your self.

We are looking for 1 hour of your time and will get you a completely Free Energy Audit Report.

Plus you will receive the following free items.

1 box of LED light bulbs.

Outlet insulation covers.

1 can of spray foam.

2 faucet aerators.

This is an amazing opportunity to get energy saving tips and tricks. Sign up now while funding is still available.

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