Every homeowner has different preferences for their HVAC system. Some prefer to sleep in a cooler setting, and some prefer the entire house set to 72 degrees. To combat these different homeowner HVAC preferences, we suggest installing either a Ductless Mini Split or Central Air Conditioner for your home. Here’s the question- which is better for me?

What’s The Difference?

Both Ductless Mini Splits and Central Air Conditioning have their benefits, but both are for specific homeowner preferences and spaces.

A Ductless Mini Split is a cooling option that is placed directly in a room, typically mounted on the wall. This system uses an indoor and outdoor unit connected by refrigerant tubing and electrical wiring and does not require ductwork. Mini Splits are designed to heat and cool a desired space, not a whole house.

Central Air Conditioning circulates air from an outdoor unit and pushes it through the ductwork of your home and into each room. This system cools the entire house at the set temperature on the thermostat.

Benefits of Ductless Mini Splits


Ductless Mini Splits are a flexible option for homeowners. They do not require ductwork, which is a benefit for add-on spaces. There is no limit to how many mini splits you can install in your home because they are small in size. Homeowners typically install this system on the wall, but it can be placed on the ground.

Energy efficient

Mini Splits can be turned on and off with the click of a button, which reduces wasted energy. Homeowners can power on their air conditioner while the room is being used and easily turn it off when the room is vacant. The efficiency of mini splits can lower your utility bill.

Temperature Control

No more fighting over sleeping temperatures! Ductless Mini Splits offer individuals the ability to control their bedroom or living area temperatures, aside from the setting of the rest of the house. If you have more than two mini splits, one can be cooling and one can be heating! The temperature options are endless.

Ductless Mini Splits Are Best For…
  • Homes that lack ductwork
  • Add-on spaces such as sunrooms and garages
  • Smaller homes or spaces around 1,000 square feet
  • Homeowners who desire cooler/warmer spaces in specific rooms such as the bedroom
  • Rooms that get too warm/cold from sunlight/lack of sunlight

Benefits of Central Air Conditioning

Cleaner Air

Central Air Conditioners utilize filters to improve indoor air quality. Given that the ductwork is well maintained and tidy, the air that travels through the ductwork and into your spaces has been filtered to decrease allergens in your home.

Convenient Cooling

With a central air conditioner, homeowners cool their whole house controlled by their thermostats. The house stays one temperature and homeowners do not have to wait for a room to cool.

Aesthetically Pleasing

The majority of the Central Air Conditioning units are out of sight. Duct work is typically hidden in the attic or closets and the main unit is located outdoors. This allows for your home to improve your inside views without a bulky system as decoration.

Central Air Conditioning is best for…
  • Larger homes
  • Homes with existing ductwork
  • Residents with allergies or asthma
  • Homeowners want each room cooled/warmed simultaneously

Both Ductless Mini Splits and Central Air Conditioning are great options for homeowners. The most important factor for this summer is both systems will keep you comfortable and cool! Each system has specific benefits to help meet different homeowner preferences. Give us a call at 937-500-0063 to help evaluate and install a cooling system that will best fit your needs this summer!

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