Are you already ready for allergy season to be over even though it just began? It feels like the moment you step foot outside; the pollen attacks your sinuses. If you are lucky enough to have mild or no allergies at all, enjoy the smell of spring tulips while the rest of us enjoy them from afar. Have no fear – we have a solution to keep your spring allergies at a minimum. In return for the pollen attacking our sinuses, we can attack the pollen through air duct cleaning. This will improve your indoor air quality overall, Let us help!

Why should I clean my air ducts?

Your air ducts are the “lungs” of your house. For them to function properly, your ducts need to have a clear pathway for air to travel. Allergy pollutants such as molds, pollen, bacteria, and dust mites settle in your ducts. When your HVAC system is turned on, the contaminants travel straight to the air you are breathing inside your home.

Although your air filter’s main purpose is to capture these particles, you can further prevent their travel by nipping the source from your ductwork. Debris can build up if your air filter is not regularly changed. If you notice dust on the outside of your filter, there are most likely pollutants settled in your ductwork. Dirty ductwork can also attract rodents or insects, which would bring a whole new issue to your home.

What are the benefits of clean ducts?

  • Minimize your allergies. Our main goal is for you to be comfortable inside your home. Cleaning your ducts decreases the allergens that enter your home which lessens possible triggers of your allergies.
  • Save money. With your ducts clogged with debris and pollutants, your system has to work harder to allow air travel. Proper duct cleaning can lower your energy use and save you money. Duct cleaning also prevents your system from overworking to the point of a breakdown, which could bring costly repairs.
  • Cleaner House & Smells. As the pollutants can settle in your ducts, they also can settle in your home. If you notice more dust than usual, it is probably a sign of dirty ductwork. Sanitizing your ductwork can also improve bad odors in your household. Bacteria and mold can come with an unpleasant smell. Odors can also come from rodents in your ductwork. Trust us, you do not want your house to smell like rodents!

Duct Sanitation

Here at Universal Heating & Cooling, we offer Duct Sanitation. Sanitation entails applying an antimicrobial chemical to destroy bacteria and/or airborne contaminants while reducing the risk of re-contamination. Duct sanitation, unlike spraying your kitchen counter or cleaning your bathroom sink, must be done only when necessary to eliminate excessive bacterial development. Only in safe and effective ways are our experts at Universal Heating & Cooling apply duct sanitizers.

If you are ready to breathe easy and stay comfortable in your home, contact our team of air duct cleaning specialists in Dayton, Ohio today at 937-500-0063!

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