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Duct Sealing in Dayton

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Many homeowners don’t realize the importance of keeping their home’s ductwork in good condition, but leaky ducts can account for up to 40 percent of total heating and cooling costs – amounting to hundreds of dollars each year! Furthermore, there are numerous unanticipated risks associated with leaky ductwork such as uneven heating, increased costs, increased humidity, and excess energy use – all of which require costly repairs if left unchecked too long. Fortunately, there are various solutions available that can help reduce future expenses while also improving air quality and overall comfort levels inside the home; understanding these options can save you time and money in the long run!

Duct Sealing in Dayton OH

The financial repercussions from neglecting your home’s air distribution system can be quite significant; not only does this result in higher energy bills due to unnecessarily heated or cooled air leaking out, but it also increases indoor humidity levels which can lead to mold/mildew growth in unseen areas as well as visible damage from condensation on walls, ceilings or other surfaces inside your home (not to mention musty odors and excessive dust). Additionally, depending on where the leaks originate from, you may need additional insulation to prevent heat transfer outside your home during winter months or vice versa during summer months – either way it will cost you more money over time!

Taking steps today to address any issues with your ductwork can save you significant amounts down the road; some initial steps include checking for any disconnected hoses/ducts that need sealing or gaps around windows/doors that could let air escape through them (which should be addressed immediately). A more comprehensive solution is something called ‘Aeroseal’ – this involves using pressurized aerosolized particles that fill up small cracks and crevices within the ductwork so that they’re less likely to leak out conditioned air (and improve overall energy efficiency). In addition to reducing future repair costs, a properly sealed home will also benefit from improved air quality (less contaminant particles entering homes) as well as enhanced comfort levels by reducing hot/cold spots throughout different rooms which often result from drafts caused by leaking air ducts!

Taking care of your home’s HVAC system is essential in ensuring optimal performance and efficiency; leakage from ductwork is one area that should not be overlooked since it can quickly add up over time by costing you hundreds of dollars each year (not to mention other unwelcome consequences such as musty odors or excessive dust). Fortunately, there are solutions available such as Aeroseal which fills up small cracks/crevices with pressurized aerosolized particles resulting in better airflow throughout the house while also minimizing future repair costs – making it worth considering if you’re looking for ways to improve energy efficiency within your home!

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    “A couple years ago our furnace went out on the coldest day of the year and Universal came right out set up electric heaters for us and put the new furnace in the first thing in the morning. They’ve been a nice company to do business with.”

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