There are plenty of good reasons to request yearly AC maintenance in Springfield, OH. An AC tune-up can point out many issues with your system that you never would have guessed were there. More importantly, it can eliminate most of these issues before they grow worse. The result is more energy-efficient performance. You won’t deal so much with problems like short-cycling or lukewarm air. If you need a repair, your warranty will be more likely to cover some aspects of it. And you may not have to pay as much as you did each month on utilities.

With fewer issues putting wear and tear on your system, you can expect one great long-term benefit: an extended lifespan for your AC unit. Your ducted AC will be more likely to last the 15 years that its manufacturer intended for it. A ductless mini-split can last twice as long with the proper care. Lastly, a well-maintained air conditioner will be cleaner, which can mean a boost in your indoor air quality.