A new air conditioner is an investment for your home, and you should be sure you cover all the bases. Many things about your home will affect how your system operates before purchasing a new system. In this blog, we will list 7 factors to consider before installing a brand-new air conditioner to cool your home.

Review These Factors Before Your Decision!

Many things about your home decide what type of air conditioner is best. Below we have provided a few considerations before AC installation.

  • Cost
  • Quality
  • Size
  • Ductwork
  • Maintenance
  • Air Quality
  • Efficiency


Cheaper is not always better when it comes to air conditioners. It is important to stay within your budget, however, the least expensive air conditioners may end up being the most expensive over time. We recommend evaluating every aspect of the unit and why it is cheaper than the others.


The more expensive units tend to be the better-quality air conditioners. Take into consideration the quality and how long the unit will last when evaluating spending a little extra upfront. Quality units will prove to be worthwhile because they require fewer repairs and use less energy. Focus on each specification of different units to compare quality over cost.


Air conditioners come in many different shapes and sizes, but there is one appropriate size for your home. If your unit is too big, it will use more energy and increase your energy bills. If your unit is too small, it will not effectively cool your home and possibly overwork itself. Our expert technicians can guide you through choosing the best-size air conditioner for your home.


The type of air conditioner you choose depends on if your home has existing ductwork. If so, it is important to evaluate if your ducts are efficient and have no air leaks. Before installing an AC system, consider having a technician evaluate your ducts and help determine the type of air conditioner best suited for them.


All air conditioners will require maintenance, but some more than others. When choosing an air conditioner, compare the time and money it will require for maintenance to make sure you can properly take care of the system.

Air Quality

AC systems have pre-defined requirements for specific air quality. For the system to function effectively, the air quality needs to align with the specifications. Clean air in your home is important for your health and your air conditioner to provide effective cooling. Depending on your situation, choose an air conditioner to best fit your allergy and air quality needs.


The efficiency of your system is going to determine how much money you will spend on cooling monthly. Although an efficient system may be pricier, it can help lower costs for years to come. Your utility bills reflect how efficient your unit is, so we recommend choosing wisely.

We hope these factors make your AC installation process a breeze. If any questions or air conditioning repairs for the remainder of this season, give us a call! Our expert technicians are at your service to maintain your comfort.

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